Youth Venture Storytelling Innovation Filmmaking and Design Internship

Start Date: 
June 12, 2017

Interns are needed for Youth Venture’s Storytelling Innovation program.

Mohsin Mohi Ud Din, Ashoka's Youth Venture, #MeWeSyria: Storytelling for Changemakers 

Ashoka Youth Venture's  #MeWeSyria program and network empowers refugee youth, teachers and youth influencers to harness the science of storytelling as the entry point for unleashing changemakers from within the refugee community, while providing experiences for psychosocial support, peer to peer learning, pluralism, non-violent forms of communication (NVC), and countering violent extremism (CVE). Through the lens of storytelling and communications-capacity-building, the program syncs personal social and emotional development with work force skills development, and Ashoka's Changemaker pathways (Empathy, Collaboration, Leadership, Creative Problem-solving). As a result, refugee youth are actively reclaiming control of the narrative of their lives, reframing it as a Changemaker narrative, and unleashing it to the surrounding community. The program is being self-replicated by more than 50 Syrian refugees across three countries (Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon), and by August will reach 500+ refugees. Part of the program also involves the piloting of a specially designed psychometric tool that measures behavioral changes in youth from the chanegmaker program. Recent data from Turkey is showing 80% growth in perceived stress and situational control, and 60% growth in empathy capacities, and 50% growth in leadership capacities among refugee youth. #MeWeSyria was awarded at MiT's Solve innovation summit at the United Nations, and will now work with influential partners and refugee youth networks to scale globally.​ 


Interns will work directly with Ashoka Youth Venture's Director of Storytelling Innovation on global strategy needs and will engage in creative collaboration on ways to mobilize schools, educators, youth, social entrepreneurs, refugees, and the media on our storytelling tool for healing, changemaking, innovation, and community-building.

In addition to strategy and program development (for offerings such as #MeWeSyria, Changemaker School Storytelling Hubs, etc), interns will assist in editing video footage of the Storytelling program as well as creating short films to post externally. Interns will also help design infographics and external facing documents to support Storytelling across the Middle East. 


Successful applicants must have:
-A strong background in creating and editing video footage
-Experience in filmmaking for social change
-Basic graphic design skills and experience using social media
-Interest in refugees, youth issues, education reform, mental health, community mobilizing and human rights is a plus
-Ability to speak Arabic is a plus