Start Date: 
June 12, 2017

SUMMER INTERNS (Undergraduate students)  + SUMMER ASSOCIATES (Graduate Students) – ASHOKA HQ, Arlington VA (1 metro stop from DC)

June 12-August 18

Hours: Depends on team and school summer funding requirements, typically M-Thur: 10 AM- 5 PM, Fridays 10 AM- 2PM

The summer experience at Ashoka is unparalleled, a place where creative, entrepreneurial thinkers come from all over the world to join together in a dynamic environment. During the summer, approximately 30 interns and fellows will join our staff on different teams at our headquarters and amplify all of the incredible work our team is doing with social entrepreneurs all over the world, as well as have the opportunity to strategize how to solve the world's most pressing problems. All associate and intern positions are unpaid. 

The Summer Program Features:

  • Brownbag Lunches with Ashoka Fellows

Ashoka fellows are leading entrepreneurs in their fields, who have engineered entire paradigm shifts based on their transformative work. Students will have the opportunity to meet these leading social entrepreneurs and hear how they developed their enterprises from scratch to success.

  • Working Groups 

Working Groups around shared common goals will be established and guided by the member of our staff working on that goal. These working groups will come up with hybrid value system ideas around our core themes and values at Ashoka (ie. Lead Young, Start Empathy, etc,) and around these goals. At the end of the summer, these groups will present their work and ideas to the Ashoka team. 

  • Social Events

Students will organize potluck dinners,  happy hours in DC, etc. , in order to meet and mingle with other Ashoka students, staff, and likeminded NGOs.   

  • Peer to Peer Allies

Students will grouped together for collaborative processes and to brainstorm innovating around pressing social issues.  While the primary focus will be related to projects in your chosen teams, there will be opt-in opportunities to work in peer-to-peer, cross-functional teams related to shared goals and vision for changing your world, time permitting from your core team. 

  • Feedback Loops

We want your experience to be productive for both you and for our organization, to enable you as a person to thrive and help Ashoka achieve its ambitious goals. Thus, we will have feedback circles regularly to get your opinions on your internship experience, to problem solve, share best practices, and receive feedback on how we can help you to better accomplish your summer goals.  

Find out more about each department's internship needs, and apply via the below links, as each team has it's own internship + associate programs and hiring managers. If you are applying for summer funding from your university or graduate school and have an upcoming deadline - Ashoka is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit - please make that very clear to the hiring manager in your cover letter. YOU CAN APPLY TO MULTIPLE DEPARTMENTS, in which case, please note, you may be contacted by several hiring managers within Ashoka within those teams. It is up to you and the hiring manager to determine which role is the best fit for you and your goals. 

If you are interested in being placed in a department based on your skill sets or have a general application, apply via the link on this page. 


Here are a list of the summer internships and associate positions by department:

Social Financial Services


Global Engagement

Start Empathy (Graduate Only)

Youth Venture

Youth Venture Storytelling Innovation Communications

Youth Venture Storytelling Innovation Filmmaking and Design

Fundraising and Development

Strategic Planning

Talent and Operations

Ashoka University

Integrated Technology Initiative - Project Manager

Integrated Technology Initiative - CRM Support Specialist

Ashoka United States

Ashoka US: US Partnerships

U.S. Partnerships


International students and those from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: APRIL 30, though applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, thus interested applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. 

We look forward to receiving your application! 

All Ashoka internships and summer associate positions are unpaid.