Changemaker School
Seattle, WA
United States
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John Stanford International School develops global citizens that take action to change the world.  JSIS’s vision is to create a culturally diverse community of life-long learners who demonstrate advanced skills in communication, international language and technology -- and whose performance exemplifies the highest academic standards. JSIS focus on various UN global issues and children decide what they want to do about these issues. These are addressed in various ways, including action days. Students are immersed in a second language, either Spanish or Japanese.  JSIS also organizes programs such as Reading Buddies, a school-wide for older and younger peers to promote and support literacy goals, as well as Weekly Poetry Aloud sessions, student-led sessions that allow them to share their own poetry or poetry that inspires them worldwide. JSIS partners with and visits sister schools in Japan and Mexico every year to continuously connect globally and mutually benefit from the learning that their partnerships provide to students, staff, and families. JSIS provides Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs including Second Step, Roots of Empathy, and Steps to Respect, and also offers professional development and training of these programs for their staff. The students are encouraged to take initiative to address important global issues with the support of the teachers, parents, community and global partnerships. 

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This profile was prepared when John Stanford International School joined the Ashoka Partnership in 2013.
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