Resident Fellow, Health and Nutrition Initiative
Ashwin is a Resident Fellow, part of the Ashoka Health and Nutrition Initiative and a Leadership Group Member at Ashoka. He is the founder and serves on the board of Vaatsalya Hospitals, an award winning social enterprise, focused on building and managing a network of hospitals in small towns in India. Vaatsalya is the largest hospital network of its kind in India, bringing affordable healthcare services to more than half a million underserved customers per year, and is the winner of the Porter Prize in India for value based healthcare. In 2012, Ashwin also helped establish National Association of Social Enterprises in India. Ashwin has been honored as a Young Global Leader (YGL) by World Economic Forum, Young Leader by Asia Society Asia21, Senior Ashoka Fellow, and Ted India fellow. At Ashoka, Ashwin leads the efforts to launch a Global Vitalness Initiative to transform our current thinking about health, wellbeing and nutrition.