Meet Our New Team

Whether you’ve known about Ashoka since founder Bill Drayton coined the term “social entrepreneur,” or you’re not quite sure what we do, the fact is that your life has likely been touched by one of our Fellows. As the new Canadian team, we’ve all experienced it. That’s why we believe this strong network of social entrepreneurs—our Fellows—is our greatest asset in creating a world where every Canadian has the tools to make a change.

Our new team has already been busy meeting many of these Fellows, along with the key partners and educators who support our efforts to make Canada an “Everyone a Changemaker” nation. Now, we’re eager to introduce ourselves to you all and invite you to connect with us as we get to know the broader network of Canadian changemakers.


Barb Steele

Executive Director - Barb Steele

Executive Director Barb Steele has a knack for bringing out the best in people. Given the talent and impact of Ashoka Canada’s network, Barb—a natural community-builder—has a lot to be excited about. Her next steps: tapping into Ashoka’s global network and showcasing the amazing work of the Canadian Fellows. She is spearheading a Listening Tour with our Canadian Fellows, and is building our new vision from their inspiring insights.


Amy Satterthwaite

Empathy and Changemaker Schools Director - Amy...

When Empathy and Changemaker Schools Director Amy Satterthwaite first read her job description, she felt as if it were written just for her. Amy was already on the same wavelength as Start Empathy: she saw empathy as the core of every effort to make a change, and K-12 education as the key to embedding it in society. That’s why Amy loves working with innovative educators—she was one of them.



Interim Ashoka U Director - Danica Straith

Interim Ashoka U Director Danica Straith has an ambitious goal: to make changemaking education the new normal in Canada. She is one among many in a national network of change leaders putting social innovation at the forefront of higher education. While seeking out and engaging prospective Changemaker Campuses, she continues to grow support among students and administrators alike. 


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