This collection gathers all the stories around the fellowship programme of Ashoka. The Fellowship Programme is designed for social entrepreneurs who have passed Ashoka’s Venture process and who are elected as Ashoka Fellows. The period  after election is often focused on providing structured engagement opportunities directly to the social entrepreneur. The type of support that the Fellows receive varies. Some Fellows  receive a living stipend that enables them to work full-time with their idea, some get pro-bono support from our partners with legal, strategy, finance and communication.

According to the latest global impact report where Ashoka surveyed Fellows around the world, most of them highlighted Ashoka's support network as the most valuable part of the Fellowship. The Swiss Changemakers programme illustrates this important step in the journey of the social entrepreneur we support to achieve social and system-change.

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Fellow Nicola Forster

Meet Nicola Forster, the new Ashoka fellow in...

Ashoka Switzerland has elected Nicola Forster, founder and president of foraus as a new Fellow. After a long and rigorous selection process, Ashoka saw in Nicola all the qualities of an entrepreneur and innovator.


Education - quality demand

Get to know our Fellows in Switzerland!

In Switzerland, Ashoka nominates one or two social entrepreneurs every year to be part of our fellowship programme. Ashoka fellows are visionaries who develop innovative solutions that fundamentally change how society operates.


Journalism Day

Ashoka Swiss Fellows & Changemakers in ...

Three of Ashoka Switzerland's social entrepreneurs (2 Fellows and 1 Changemakers) were featured on the #ImpactJournalism website on June 2015. 


JP Morgan - Ashoka Mentors

Experiencing social entrepreneurship in...

How do J.P. Morgan collaborators experience Social Entrepreneurship through the mentoring of Ashoka's Social Entrepreneurs?


Ashoka Youth Champions

The 7 key questions you should ask yourself as...

You have decided to commit yourself to putting your talent and energy into a social entrepreneurial project; you are heading up your project, your activity is working but you are asking yourself: How can I develop without losing sight of my social mission?


promotion de fellows 2007

Discover our localized fellows

In addition to Fellows elected in the country, Ashoka in Switzerland is also supporting international Fellows iwth a local presence in Switzerland whether it be replicating their venture, having an office or setting up a foundation. 


Mary Gordon fellow CH



MARY GORDON, ROOTS OF EMPATHY, elected in Canada in 2002


Refugees in Greece at the local Mobile School

Click here to know more about Arnoud Raskin and his passion and project!

Almost 34,000 people are forced to leave their homes on a daily basis, due to prosecution and conflicts. The total number of displaced people has reached 65.3 million (UNHCR,2016). 


The Best Secret Weapon Against Landmines Is a Rat


African giant pouched rats are better mine-sniffers than dogs and faster at TB diagnosis than human doctors.

Find out more about Ashoka Fellow Bart Weetjens commitment and project here!


JP Morgan final event 1

JP Morgan Mentoring Program: “Experiencing...

It is no secret that Ashoka believes in the transformative power of an innovative idea in the hands of an entrepreneur. Changing systems for the better requires collaboration between different stakeholders to establish new ways of interacting and learning from one another. "Experiencing Social Entrepreneurship", is a partnership for change that matches J. P. Morgan mentors with Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs.


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