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How girls are changing the world

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Young women are imagining and innovating the way forward. A rising cadre of leaders in their communities, their ideas will set future policy agendas, transform the world of impact, and shape the mindsets of their peers. They also serve as role models to younger girls who have yet to discover their power to lead change.

These young women are not just leading by example; they’re also offering up helpful advice. At Ashoka’s 3-day online WISE Up series, young female leaders shared their reflections and tips for how their peers and protégés can create social change. Today, on International Day of the Girl — A UN celebration of the rights, voices, and influences of young women—we’re sharing our takeaways from the conversation.

Here are three insights for leading change, created by and for young women:

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Find Your Mentor: Pinpoint someone in your community who inspires you to tap into your inner changemaker.
Fill the Gap: Be aware of your unique identity and ability to address a need.
Leading by Being: Be active and vocal in any space where you want to see change.