Ashoka welcomes the B-Team's bold launch of Plan B for Business: People, Planet, Profit

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Source: Ashoka

Ashoka welcomes the bold launch of Plan B for Business, one that is determined to "change the values that drive business, to prioritize people and planet alongside profit" The B Team is also encouraging the general public to submit their views on a new charter for better business at

Bill Drayton, CEO of Ashoka, said:

“Ashoka is delighted to support the B team. Richard Branson and his partners recognize that the game is no longer efficiency in repetition. Now value comes from contributing to change — and success depends on what percent of your organization or society are changemakers, at what level of changemaking skill, and how fluidly and openly they work together as a team of teams.  That’s exactly what Ashoka’s goal, an “everyone a changemaker” world, requires.”