2013 Globalizer: Nutrients for All

2013 Globalizer Frankfurt
Source: 2013 Globalizer Frankfurt

Connecting Social Entrepreneurial Innovations along the Nutrient Value Chain

The challenge: broken nutrient value chains

Around the world, in developed and developing countries alike, neither people, food nor land are being fully nourished. As a result, people's chances of physical and cognitive health are decreasing. Worker capacity is reduced. Food and farming systems are at risk. Forest, grasslands, watersheds and soils are deteriorating. In short - the world's nutrient supply chain is broken, with alarming consequences.At the same time, however, economic and technological innovations along with a "nutrient value chain" highlight big trends and opportunities for transforming land, food and health management into vigorous, nutrient-rich systems. In doing so, they create value within and across agriculture, food processing and health industries. Focusing foremost on full-nourishment outcomes (rather than discrete inputs) in people, food and land open up critical insights, opportunities and questions - including how social and economic innovators connect with other key players in society to develop and spread solutions.

More innovative approaches sourced can be found on Changemakers.org.

The Nutrients for All Globalizer Summit convened leading social entrepreneurs who innovate along the different stages of the Nutrient Value Chain (Agriculture & Ecosystems / Food Processing & Distribution / Health & Vitality), selected business leaders across the agriculture, food and health industries, entrepreneurial policy makers and non-profit leaders. It highlighted and provided insights into exciting innovations in these different fields and open opportunities for participants to co-create initiatives to full nourishment. Read about the findings on FORBES>>> and a series of video interviews>>>.

List of participating fellows below: