We imagine a world free from corruption

Ashoka curates a series of online gatherings with Ashoka Fellows, guests, and partners to discuss the main challenges, solutions, and trends in the field of anti-corruption and organized crime.

In doing so, we are building a community to solidify and begin the collective impact design process in three key areas:​ ​

  • Government Transparency. Focusing on sharing scaling effective solutions of platforms to collect and share data on public procurement and public money expenditure, as well as analyzing the trends and barriers to increase super-national bodies' accountability.​
  • Empowered Civil Society. Reflecting on systemic tools that can support creating a mindset shift and a new narrative on corruption, as well as modeling new initiatives for citizens and young people's empowerment.​
  • Businesses with Integrity.  Exploring systemic tools to help limit the use of corporations for corruption and encourage the business of good practice. ​


Together, we can accelerate history  

We're the first global community of changemakers tackling corruption and organized crime collectively. By promoting new solutions and mindsets, we can accelerate history and shape new common attitudes and behaviors. By 2022 we're targeting these metrics:

  • 15+ accelerated solutions and collaboration projects
  • 6+ new Ashoka Fellows selected and supported
  • 15+ other innovative changemakers identified and supported through programs and the community​
  • 10+ workshops, bootcamps, accelerator programs ​



Why Ashoka

Amplifying the impact of social entrepreneurs since 1981​

Ashoka has been working over the past four decades to equip leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) with the resources, tools and networks needed to maximize the positive impact of their solutions and build ecosystems that can welcome and enhance these changes.​ ​

Our global network is already tackling organized crime and corruption​

More than 200 Ashoka fellows are already tackling the root causes or problems of organized crime and corruption already in a system-changing approach. Our goal is to connect them, link them with the public and the corporate sector, scale their solutions and find new and innovative solutions together. ​ 

We invite foundations and corporations to join Ashoka, its Fellows and partners in co-creating this collective journey to accelerate social change towards our goals.​ 


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In 2018, Ashoka led one of the largest and most diverse studies of system changing social entrepreneurs ever conducted. And we found that Ashoka Fellows are having systems-level impact — 74 percent have achieved change in public policy or legislation, others are changing market systems, and mindsets...
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Emerging Insights - The 2018 Ashoka Fellows

This collection showcases how our 2018 Ashoka Fellows are working to affect change on today's most pressing issues.
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Peter Eigen: fearless since 13, he's changed the world’s mindset about corruption

Corruption long was a taboo subject. Bribes in some countries were tax-deductible. That mindset changed when Peter, having seen the untold damage it was doing, especially in his earlier work in development, founded and built up Transparency International. Transparency built chapters in almost every...
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Ashoka and the field of social entrepreneurship it built are giving millions the power of knowing they can change their worlds. Nothing undercuts corruption more effectively or more permanently.​

Peter Eingen
Founder of Transparency International​

Ashoka Fellows

Kohl Gill

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2016

Mercedes Assorati

Ashoka Fellow since May 2012

John Patrick Ngoyi

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2006

Moussa Kane

Ashoka Fellow since Dec 1998

CMSI-Caisse Malienne de Secteur Informel

Flaviano Bianchini

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2012

Jiří Skuhrovec

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2017

Meet the team

  • Bill Carter, Executive Committee
  • Andrea Moerike, Ashoka Visionary Alumna
  • Avalon Bauman, Ashoka Volunteer