Course Description

In today’s world of unprecedented change, creating space for understanding, collaboration, and overall social impact has become essential to our planet’s survival.  In order to create that impact, developing skills — such as intrapreneurship, agility, teamwork, empathy and collaborative leadership — is increasingly fundamental. 

Ashoka, the world’s largest networks of leading social entrepreneurs, and ascena Foundation have come together to launch the six-week online course: Inspiring Change through Social Innovation

This course is delivered through an online platform and requires a minimum recommended time commitment of two hours per week. During the course, we will have three Live Webinars, in which learners will have opportunities to engage with Guest Experts and ask live questions. In order to accommodate busy schedules, we communicate live events in advance and construct a learning environment that gives participants plenty of options to explore the content most relevant to them through assignments, discussion boards, readings, and videos.

Participants earn a certificate by completing the 6 modules of the course and accumulating a minimum of 100 points, which are awarded by interacting with the platform features and with other learners. Those who go above and beyond will receive a certificate with distinction and a letter signed by Ashoka's Founder and CEO, Bill Drayton.

You will connect with a global community of changemakers from diverse backgrounds and convene to learn new strategies and approaches for creating social impact. This experience will take you through a self-reflecting journey in which each stop is an opportunity to further your knowledge on how the world we live in can change for the better, as well as your beliefs on your ability to generate and contribute to that change. 

This journey will encourage you to join Ashoka’s vision of creating an “Everyone a Changemaker” world, and because of this, we can’t wait to have you join us this October. 

In this course you will:

  • Prepare for a leading role in creating social and business impact within your institution and your community​
  • Gain skills and strategies to garner internal and external support for innovative projects​
  • Learn how to collaborate and advance innovation in bureaucratic settings​
  • Develop strategies for co-creation with various sectors and partners​
  • Learn about systemic change and the different levels of impact​
  • Connect with a network of like-minded professionals, current and future innovators,  to share ideas and gain continuous support on your own innovation ideas

Course Topics

  • Week 1: The Business Case for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Week 2: The Business Case for Social Intrapreneurship
  • Week 3: Challenges, Opportunities & Strategies for Advancing Social Impact
  • Week 4: Systems Change Levels
  • Week 5: Shared Value & Cocreation
  • Week 6: Final Review and Wrap-up

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What previous learners are saying about their participation in the Ashoka Changemakers' courses:

My key learning is that I have unlearnt something. Whilst we live in an uncertain world this course has led me to understand that the dichotomy of business and government providing products and services may not be the whole answer and that the creativity and ingenuity to provide social answers is...

from the United States, on business, government, and social change.

I am more confident in leveraging systems thinking on a greater scale, applying lean startup methodology and human-centered design principles to social causes, and have the focus and renewed tenacity to continue on with my health innovation work.

from the Unites States, on the opportunity to take the social intrapreneurship course in 2017

After the course, I conducted a webinar for whole staff including senior management and district staff placed in other cities to introduce and explain the concept of social intrapreneurship. Now our organization has decided to include at least one social intrapreneur model under each sectoral...

from Pakistan, on the next steps taken after his course graduation

Two of my colleagues and I launched initiative for treatment and prevention of foot diabetes wounds, driven by the suffering of the community around us and what we have learned from you. At the time I write this, I am going to a meeting to discuss clinical trials on patients

from Sudan, on how the Social Intrapreneurship course prepared him to pitch new ideas and look for partnerships

If I shall select 3 key insights for me, they are: 1) go and meet the people around, understand their needs/their problem. Spend time to analyze the roots of the problem. It's better to improve the system rather than to solve one problem by one problem; 2) Before I saw intra/entrapreneurship work as...

from France, on how learning about social intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship will add value to her work in a big corporation.

As being part of a company that develops solutions to improve human and animal health, it is important to keep in mind the needs of the customers when developing strategies to effectively meet those needs. I will make a focus in my work to learn as much as possible about the end customer and how we...

from the Unites States, on what learning she will apply in her work after taking the social intrapreneurship course