STEM Venture Examples

Check out examples of how youth are using STEM to address social issues!

Dios Del Sol: Jose Israel Cruz stated Diso Del Sol, a community-led initiative with the goal of bringing solar power to tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans by 2019. Jose partners with faith-based institutions, volunteers and Puerto Rican solar energy associations to help churches finance, transition to and manage solar microgrids.

Operation Sustain: An educational computer game that teaches elementary school students about environmental science and climate change. Operation Sustain travels to schools and works with teachers to provide custom curriculum for digital natives that makes learning about environmental science fun.  For more, link here.

Vaayu: A project that builds biotech filters using moss to purify the air and fight pollution. Because moss does not need soil to survive, it pulls its nutrients – and pollutants – from the air, a process that significantly cleans the surrounding air.

Tech-Saavy: A program that empowers low-income students or kids from minority groups to learn about technology and programming. Realizing that underprivileged teens might not have access to either computers or coding classes, Tech-Savvy uses an inexpensive programming technology to supply desktop computers that students can build themselves.

Signal 365: A Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app that uses special technology to open communication during natural disasters when there is no cell service. Signal 365 aims to use technology for social good by helping victims of natural disasters quickly communicate with first responders and eliminate potential injuries.

Peerlift: Peerlift is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and online platform that connects high schools to six categories of opportunities for college including scholarships, summer programs, internships, and more. Founded by recent high school graduates, Peerlift aims to equalize the playing field and increase access to college for low-income, first generation students.