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Source: Ashoka

Social innovators at the forefront of the Covid-19 crisis

This article originally appeared on The Philips Foundation website

 Two social entrepreneurs, with support from the Philips Foundation and Ashoka,accelerate their innovative work to provide healthcare for those who are in critical need. Having the ability to access doctor’s advice from a distance or to be able to understand the dangers of the novel coronavirus is not self-evident in developing countries, which can be crucial to counter outbreaks in vulnerable communities.

Kampala, Uganda and New Delhi, India  In many low-resource settings across the globe, many individuals and communities lack access to critical healthcare caused by the spread of COVID-19 and its devastating effects. The lack of much-needed quality healthcare is strengthened by multiple factors, such as the remoteness of their community, lack of means to pay for healthcare support, by culture or conflict.

Recognizing the need to increase healthcare access for disadvantaged communities in these unprecedented times, two social entrepreneurs have found ways to implement their new, visionary solutions and services aimed at providing care to the ones in critical need

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