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A Social Entrepreneur on His Continued Curiosity

This article originally appeared on Thrive

All my life I have been seeking to understand how the world works and where it’s going and I’ve done so by entrepreneuring and/or intrapreneuring -- by far the best way of mapping and learning! As a result, very much aided by history, it is easy to see where the major historic opportunities lie and how to go after them.

And now that we stand in the midst of the turning point years when the everything-changing and therefore of necessity “everyone a changemaker” world is here, my colleagues and I have this quite extraordinary opportunity to help engineer the biggest change in the structure of human society ever. And the change leading to a world where everyone is a powerful giver and has the consequent life satisfactions and health previously denied so many.

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Ashoka insight

"I love backpacking and wilderness. Every September, I go backpacking for three weeks . . . Time in the wilderness draws me fully into a very different universe. One is pulled in by the beauty, by the need to understand this different world for hundreds of decisions, by one’s body’s delight after the first few days of odd complaints, and then by seeing thousands of lives in a small tarn and then the many, many stars of the Milky Way as it brilliantly passes overhead and is reflected in the water. These three weeks allow and enable one to see the world much, much more fully. And to see the patterns moving across time. It’s a much bigger version of what we do during sleep."