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Image for Hello Europe Ukraine Article; Photo of Ukrainian refugees approaching a border crossing out of Ukraine as a result of the 2022 Russia–Ukraine war
Source: Hello Europe

Refugees in Europe: how to help in a systemic way?

This article originally appeared on Hello Europe Exposure

"Once again, our news feeds are filled with heart-breaking images and stories of hundreds of thousands of people on the move, fleeing from the Ukrainian crisis and other conflict points, seeking refuge across Europe: especially Central European Countries like Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. It hits very close to home, especially for those in neighboring countries. Many of us are wondering with urgency what can we do to help. One of our concerns is also what is the most strategic way I can help to support long term, systemic change.

This question about long term change is, of course, at the center of all the work we do in Ashoka, particularly in the field of migration through Hello Europe and Hello World. Over the past few days, we have been consulting our teams and close partners, including Ukrainian social entrepreneurs, thinking together about what is the most important support we can give in these difficult moments. Below, we offer some brief thoughts and ideas on the kind of support we see and plan to provide over the next months, and invite you to join us as well..."

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