My Learning About the "New Inequality"

By Mercedes Gutierrez Alvarez, Global Head of Communities Engagement #InclusiveGrowth #socen #withrefugees #changemakers #SocialInnovation #Sustainability • IKEA Group
Mercedes Alvarez

From LinkedIn: Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet #BillDrayton, founder of Ashoka. The best way to start a week. 

I am a passionate, believer and activist with the vision of everyone as a change maker (on my way of exploring what that means for the IKEA Group). 

My main learning was about “the new inequality.” There are millions of researches, and posts about the negative consequences of the 4th industrial revolution that we are now living. But it is the first time that I see the strong connection with inequality and how we could contribute to tackle it by empowering everyone as a change maker. We have to  prepare everyone, specially our kids to be part of the change. 

“In today’s world, many people have these skills and are contributing and flourishing. But many others do not. As the world of change continues to accelerate, those who are in this new game help one another learn to be ever more skilled players. But those left out fall further and further behind. They can’t play the new game, and the demand for what they can provide, repetitive work, is disappearing fast.

This is the new inequality.

It is worse than the many old inequalities of gender, race, etc. They were relatively static. This inequality deepens every year.’

Bill Drayton Quote