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It's time to end the war on talent, and begin collaboration for talent

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn

Ashoka, in partnership with Linkedin and Jobvite, is working to make "collaboration for talent" a reality. The key innovation involves re-purposing existing products (Linkedin Elevate, Referrals and Jobvite) to allow for offering a reference to another employer, which doesn't necessarily remove a resource from your network, and may add to that person's skills and experience for your future benefit. 

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The "war for talent" mentality has not served any of us well: technology is enforcing the old paradigm, master-supplicant relationship between employer and candidate. We need to flip the system from helping organizations hire the best talent to helping individuals find the most meaningful and impactful work at which they can be successful. 

A new mindset orientation towards compassionate teamwork and everyone leading for the common good is needed for success in the 21st century. Based on Google research on great teams, “who’s on the team matters less than how they work together, structure their work and view their contributions.” According to Forbes, 88% of millennials, who now make up the majority of our workforce, prefer collaboration over competition.