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Everyone a Changemaker: Shifting the Conversation About Education

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The book "Everyone a Changemaker: Shifting the Conversation about Education" describes the challenges and pathways for changemaking in the first 15 Changemaker Schools in Brazil, drawing on the insights of more than 100 persons, including students, educators, family, secretaries of education, and experts. It discusses the Changemaker education environment, the relationships built between the schools and their communities, and the changemaker competences of students. The book's preface was written by Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton.

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Ashoka insight

The Changemaker Schools Program is an initiative by Ashoka, a global organization that gathers social entrepreneurs from every part of the world. Based on the belief that anyone in a society can be a changemaker, the program sees the school as a special space to promote experiences capable of teaching people a sense of responsibility towards the world. Children and youngsters willing to take on an active role in the face of necessary changes, in a variety of social contexts, and supported by tools and values such as empathy, teamwork, creativity and changemaking.