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Bill Drayton
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Become Local Change Makers Through Social Entrepreneurship

This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur

We now live in an ever-changing world that demands everyone to be able to contribute to and adapt to change, i.e., to be a changemaker, to be able to participate and contribute.

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Ashoka insight

It would not be an exaggeration to say that we face the "everyone a changemaker" challenge. The rate of change and the degree and extent of interconnection are going up exponentially, faster and faster all across the world. The choice is to prepare all Indians to be able to contribute to this change -- in which case it can either quickly become one of the world’s most successful societies -- or to miss the opportunity and end up being deeply and bitterly divided by "the new inequality" between a portion of the population that can and is playing in the new game and the others who do not have the ability to do so.

This, "the new inequality." is deeply destructive and divisive leading to unequal income distributions across the world. There’s a bidding war for those who have the skills to participate in the fast-growing "everyone a changemaker" world. Indeed, that demand is rising exponentially just as the demand for repetition is fading drastically. This is worse than all those that went before because it deepens every year -- and by an amount greater than it deepened the year before. Each country tends to think they are a function of peculiarly local dynamics. However, they are universal because the underlying forces are universal.

Individuals and organizations that see the historical transition that is already dominant will have tremendous advantages. On the other hand, missing a deep historical turning point like this is a big mistake. This profound transformation taking place because the ‘everyone a changemaker’ world is a dramatically better world. With everyone a collaborating changemaker, there is no way the problems can continue to outrun solutions. With everyone needing all those in one’s constantly changing team of teams to be highly skilled, this is inherently a society where everyone is powerful. Finally, this is a world where everyone can experience happiness and health of living a life of expressing love and respect in action at significant levels.