Ashoka expands leadership team

Ashoka is making a strategic investment in a new class of leaders within its global team, appointing three new Leadership Group Members: Claire Fallender, Tope Fajingbesi and Lisa Davis.
Headshots of the three LGMs Announced

Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of Fellows, Young Changemakers, Changemaker Institutions, and beyond who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker – a person that sees themselves as capable of creating large-scale, positive change.

Together, amidst the exponential growth of a new inequality in changemaking at a worldwide scale, we mobilize (and accelerate) a movement to build an "Everyone a Changemaker" world where all people have the right and ability to co-lead solutions that transform their societies for the better.

This month, Ashoka made a strategic investment in a new class of leaders within its global team. These leaders will take the organization to a new level of impact where society fundamentally shifts mindsets and perspectives on critical issues like climate, technology, gender, and youth.

Ashoka proudly announces three appointments to its Leadership Group Member (LGM) level. These LGMs are all proven top-level entrepreneurs, have exceptional ethical fiber, and embody the kind of collegiality, clarity, and ability to see the future needed to build the community and movement that allow us to address our rapidly changing world.

Recognizing their key contributions to date and their importance in driving the changemaker movement over the coming historic years, Ashoka welcomes Claire Fallender (LGM for Global Youth Strategy), Tope Fajingbesi (LGM for Finance) and Lisa Davis (LGM for Integrity) into its Leadership Group.

Headshots of the three new LGms
Claire Fallender, Tope Fajingbesi and Lisa Davis 

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