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La magia de una infancia despierta

Actualmente, muchos adolescentes sienten desencanto con las instituciones y las formas en las que previas generaciones se han relacionado con su espiritualidad o tradiciones. ¿Cómo acompañamos el desarrollo espiritual de las infancias? ¿Qué nos enseñan cuando las vemos como agentes de cambio?

ALIVE - Business, goodwill, and making space for wholeness

Business, goodwill, and making space for wholeness

How can values such as kindness and love be seen as financial assets? What's the role of culture, faith, and identity in building workplaces that enable vulnerability and authenticity? How are companies building pluralistic and efficient systems that value the employee as a full person?

ALIVE - creating systems of generosity

Creating Systems of Generosity

We are joined by Nipun Mehta and Aaron Kuecker to talk about mutuality, gift economy, how to build networks that amplify resources, and so much more.

ALIVE - evolving in community

Evolving in Community

A rich conversation with Dr. Andrew Kaplan Mandel and Kathleen McShane about changemaking rooted in faith and the need to build mutually-empowering communities and transcend existing structures. Learn from their experience mobilizing collectively for social change, innovating rituals while keeping the wisdom of traditions, evolving in community, and so much more!

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.    —Howard Thurman, Theologian and Civil Rights Activist