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At Ashoka, we are privileged to be immersed with leaders who are changing dynamics that affect our global community. The Spiritual Changemakers Initiative was born from the emerging collaboration with people whose spirituality or faith sustains their life, joy, and work to build a better world. 

We are a platform for spiritually-diverse leaders who are doing something about the challenges facing our societies, including how our Spiritual Ecosystem is shifting.

Beautiful wisdom has emerged from faith traditions that grapple with the most profound human experiences, and indigenous communities have kept ancient wisdom alive through resistance. However, the structures that have defined our faith narratives have been limited, flawed, and responsible for extraction and dehumanization on multiple levels.

As we become more interconnected worldwide, we see potential in offering spaces for collaboration and exchange for spiritually-inspired leaders who are active in building a more equitable and generous world.

The Spiritual Changemakers Initiative does not represent any faith or spiritual position, and instead, we generate meaning from co-creating with changemakers who expand our spiritual belonging.

We hope to connect you to diverse and enriching perspectives.

We are glad you are here!

What we mean by Spiritual Changemakers

Spiritual Changemakers come alive by being contributors to society. We are innovative thinkers open to fresh approaches, dedicated to thinking about strategy and impact as we develop ideas. We have a desire to meet and interact with diverse leaders who honor and expand our spiritual connection and who are driving change in different ways:  

  1. Some of us are building new ways of experiencing faith, spirituality, and spiritual belonging.  (Spiritual Innovators) 

  1. Some are delivering solutions to social issues through secular and non-secular initiatives that are inspired by a spiritual or faith-based perspective of the world. (Social Entrepreneurs) 

  1. Some are redefining success in institutions in more holistic ways related to people-empowerment, shared leadership, supporting greater purposes such as the needs of our planet, and sustainable and equitable economics for everyone. (Organizational Leaders) 

  1. Some are building capacity, bridges, and opportunities for shared understanding, learning, and action among people of different faith backgrounds. (Interfaith Drivers) 


We cannot solve today's problems with the same consciousness that created them." - Albert Einstein 

Signposts of the Future

So far, we are recognizing four main patterns of being and doing from Spiritual Changemakers everywhere.  

As we collaborate with the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to do good, better, we learn from their ways of creating impactful change. Their ways of being, proposing ideas, and responding to challenges.

These "Signposts of the Future" reveal patterns of a positive future that is here, yet still emerging, They embody ways of being and doing that recognize the humanity in every person, assume collaboration, and unlock shared leadership.

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Being Whole

  • Offering new powerful forms of spiritual support by "unbundling" faith traditions
  • Empathy and making space for difference
  • Acting on what makes YOU come alive. Feeling in alignment.
  • Addressing the systems that have prevented EVERYONE from being valued 
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Power in Everyone

  • We need to adapt our systems, structures, and roles in ways that spread power
  • We learn from young people when we see them as leaders
  • There's no space for discrimination, hate, abuse, or bigotry 
  • The greatest impact happens when people most affected by the challenges are in the driver's seat.
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Fluid Mindset

  • Bringing down the physical and mental walls that distance us from one another
  • Creatively utilizing our assets in alignment with our spiritual values
  • Building communities that are able to evolve together
  • Being solutions-oriented to step into possibility
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Building the Future Together

  • Collaborations based on trust can enable systemic change.
  • Bringing different industries, sectors, faiths, and people to the table can have ripple effects that transform our worldview and community for the better. 

More about Ashoka's Spiritual Changemakers Initiative

The Spiritual Changemakers Initiative began in 2017 with Ashoka envisioning what might happen if the estimated 55% of people worldwide for whom their faith and spiritual beliefs are important in their lives could be engaged more as changemakers.  In 2018 Ashoka’s partnership with the Los Altos United Methodist Church led to the first Changemaker Initiative and to the organization of that name created by the team that coalesced out of that first effort.  

In 2021, Ashoka and Trinity Church Wall Street Philanthropies began a partnership to build an interfaith ecosystem supporting Spiritual Changemakers with the leadership skills, tools and mindsets needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century, with the goal of sustaining leaders of these efforts whether they are clergy, lay people, individual innovators, academic players, or other institutional actors.  

In 2021 and 2022 Ashoka began offering Masterclasses for Faith-Inspired Changemakers around the world – in Indonesia, Philippines, and globally in English, Spanish and Portuguese, leading Spiritual Changemakers to become more engaged with each other, with Ashoka and with changemaking.  

As this initiative continues globally and includes other partners, we are building a community of highly diverse participants with a variety of spiritually- or faith-inspired changemaking initiatives. We are open to all spiritual practices, faith traditions and denominations who believe in working for the good of all people. 

Working with players active at the ecosystem level, we are bringing them together in conversation and collaboration to accelerate the transformation of our spiritual ecosystem and create room for spiritual changemakers to thrive. 

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Our Team of Teams: