Thomas Blettery

Ashoka Staff
Photo of Thomas Blettery, Staff at Ashoka France
Youth Programs Manager

I am an enthusiastic intrapreneur in the fields of Social Entrepreneurship and Changemaker Education.

After launching a humanitarian non-profit serving Peruvian orphans at the age of 16, I realized 15 years ago the power of social entrepreneurship by contributing to the creation of a social bakery empowering Dalit people in Chennai, India. This transformative experience made me realize the power of learning how to fish compared to just giving a fish. Until I stumbled upon Ashoka - the world's pioneer network of system-changing social entrepreneurs - and discovered how nearly 4,000+ women and men across the world are positively transforming entire fields to bring about lasting social change.

I joined Ashoka in 2010 and am, since then, investing my energy on making Ashoka's vision a reality: creating a world where everyone is inclined and equipped to become a changemaker.