Saurav Roy

Ashoka Staff

Saurav Roy is currently a consultant at Ashoka India and Bangladesh. Energized by his passion for learning, futures, and story-telling, he emphasizes the importance of creating safe spaces for sharing and teaching stories of positive, alternative futures as key to paving long-term impact in shaping a brighter future. Having a keen interest in arts and travels, he started his own company of sustainable tourism when he was 18. Growing up around conflicts and violence, he understood the importance of empathy at an early age and began his journey of changemaking when he was 12, founding various initiatives to curb out violence, bullying and drug abuse among his friends.

Before joining Ashoka he worked with Pollinate Energy in operations and Kadam India in developing business expansion strategies. Outside of work, he is currently working on his compilation and translation of works of Baul philosophy majorly focusing on Fakir Lalon Shah. A global shaper in Bangaluru Hub, he became the youngest at age, 19 to join IDEX Global Fellowship. He lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh now.