Brenda Magaña

Ashoka Staff
Photo of Brenda Magaña, communications coordinator in the Ashoka Mexico office. Close up of a person with long dark hair facing to the left and smiling at the camera, head tilted slightly upwards. Dressed in a light blouse. Background is dark.
Communications Coordinator

Brenda holds a degree in International Business Administration from the Universidad Veracruzana. She has a Diploma in Development of Organizational and Associative Capacities from the University of Cádiz, a certification in Social Entrepreneurship and Systemic Change from the UMA and Ashoka, and a Certification in Sustainable Development from The Millennials Movement.

She was part of the AIESEC team in Veracruz and did international volunteering through them at Fundación Zambrano, in Argentina during 2016. In 2018 she won the Kybernus Veracruz Citizen Award for her career as a speaker, mentor and entrepreneur on sustainable development issues. fair trade and systemic change. In 2019 she was the representative of the youth delegation at the Summit of the Nobel Peace Prize in Yucatán.

She is currently studying for a Green MBA at the University of the Environment, where she also collaborates as a university link.