Vieira de Almeida, Law Firm

Vieira de Almeida Logo, Partner of Ashoka Portugal. To the left big block letters in green: capital V and A, with a small letter d in the middle; to the right, the words in black soft font: Vieira de Almeida Logo
Partner Description

Vasco Vieira de Almeida first founded a small law firm in 1976. To this day, his unbending ethics and high professional standards are lived on a daily basis by VdA’s more than 440 lawyers and other legal staff. We are proud of our leading role in the provision of legal services in Portugal and in 12 other jurisdictions with the support of our teams, which are made up of some of the most reputed industry specialists.

VdA strives to achieve the same levels of excellence in pro bono work as in everything else we do. Our work is guided by quality, team spirit, focus on the client, independence and innovation. 
Because we believe in the transformative power of innovation, over the past decade we have assisted in the development and strengthening of numerous projects in the area of social innovation, social entrepreneurship and social investment. We believe this investment has significant impact in the redefinition of current mindsets, generating new solutions to old problems.
Since 2018, VdA’s associates have provided pro bono legal support to Portuguese Ashoka fellows, and take part in Ashoka’s  Steering Committee as a legal advisor.…