S&P Global Foundation

Words S&P Global in bold red text, with a black bold line above; next to S&P Global is the word "Foundation" with a capital F and black lettering https://www.spglobal.com/en/foundation
Partner Description

S&P Global Foundation is the philanthropic arm of S&P Global. S&P Global Foundation is more than philanthropy—it’s making a difference by finding and developing essential connections between the knowledge and skills of S&P Global and the needs of society.   We make sure the work we do maximizes opportunities to engage S&P Global's employees and has a genuine impact on the communities in which we live.  We focus our efforts where we can make a real difference: Bridging the Global Skills Gap, Creating an Inclusive Economy, and Promoting a Sustainable Environment.  We also support global disaster relief efforts with a focus on resiliency.

The partnership with Ashoka is anchored on a shared purpose and vision of unlocking the potential of women social entrepreneurs in ASEAN to create inclusive and dynamic economies and communities.