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Tetê (Maria Teresa) Leal

Ashoka Fellow since Sep 1999

Maria Teresa Romeiro Leal, who works with seamstresses in a Brazilian slum, reveals two realities about business and poverty: first, workshops owned by poor women can compete in the world of haute couture; and second, making quality goods is the best way for poor women to find business partners,... Read more

Abdellah Aboulharjan

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2006


Abdellah Aboulharjan is on leave from the Ashoka Fellowship. For more information on his status, please contact [email protected].

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Danielle Desguées

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2009

Since the early 1980s Danielle Desguees has promoted a culture of entrepreneurship in France; an economy historically dominated by large firms and state enterprises. Through public outreach, programs in schools and universities, and advisory services provided through a nationwide network of... Read more

Vitória da Riva Carvalho

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 2011

By introducing an impressive array of environmentally-friendly economic development projects to the Amazon’s most deforested region, Vitória da Riva Carvalho is proving that conservation does not have to come at the expense of economic growth. She is creating entirely new value chains around low... Read more

Yvonnick Huet

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2011

In the mid 1980s Yvonnick Huet pioneered a market-based model to solve poverty and food issues through the restructuring of viable local farming markets in developing countries. Unlike the field of development that has traditionally been charity-focused and culturally skeptical toward economy... Read more

Vincenzo Linarello

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2016

Gioiosa Ionica, in the Calabria region, is one of the poorest provinces in Italy and Calabria is one of the poorest regions in Europe. The economy is largely run by ‘Ndrangheta, the local branch of mafia. Since 1996, Vincenzo has been determined to change the inevitability of a mafia presence in his... Read more

Joost Van Engen

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2016

By innovating a truly sustainable supply chain including the last-mile that is independent of national healthcare systems, Joost van Engen is creating sustainable access to essential medicines, hygiene products and supplements for low income families in remote areas, while at the same time providing... Read more

Uygar Özesmi

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2016

Uygar Özesmi is a serial social entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to the development of a society and economy that is in harmony with nature. With the belief that a “great transformation” is needed, he has founded over a dozen organizations and initiatives working towards ecological and social... Read more

María Almazán

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2016

María is transforming the apparel industry in Europe by creating an open and scalable strategy implemented across the whole value chain that promotes a sustainable and affordable textile production and consumption. María works closely with the key stakeholders in the European textile industry and is... Read more
Roberto's vision is to harmonize the relationships within the working environment. Everyone feels co-responsible and co-owner. He brings to society a harmonious model of cooperation that empowers workers and replaces the potential conflict model of traditional companies. He is changing dependent... Read more