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Edward Edilbi

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 2014


Edward Edilbi is introducing a new way to empower, integrate and build social capital in scattered, immigrant populations that have been affected by a political crisis or natural disaster. Using diaspora networks, he enables refugees to play an active and productive role, thus changing their status...

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Kevin Lee

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2014

Kevin Lee is enabling vulnerable communities in the Philippines to demand, create and sustain water and sanitation systems through a new governance approach that simultaneously channels consumer needs and increases local government capacity to deliver. Read more

Jérémy Lachal

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2015

Isolation and inactivity among marginalized communities – from refugee camps to underprivileged neighborhoods – can have dramatic consequences such as violence and physical and mental health problems in communities. In response, Jérémy is defining a new standard for libraries in the 21st Century,... Read more

Ilya Yacevich

Ashoka Fellow since May 2015

Ilya is helping low income and conflict prone communities in East Africa build their resilience towards issues of mental health and psychological trauma Read more

Daniel Kerber

Ashoka Fellow since Dec 2016

Daniel Kerber prototypes and disseminates holistic, dignified living concepts for people on the move – bridging three crucial stages of a refugee's journey: arrival centers in the global north, transit zones and refugee camps. With his work, he creates rapid evidence of what works on the ground and... Read more

Gael Musquet

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2017

Gaël is encouraging communities to create "digital citizen security corps" to better anticipate and respond to crisis, with an initial focus on natural disasters. Beginning in Guadeloupe, where he successfully demonstrated what the effect of a digitally prepared citizen security corps would be, Gaël... Read more