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Geraldo Santos Marinho

Ashoka Fellow since Dec 1987

Helping Poor Communities Have a Say in Their Own Development Read more

Walter Varanda

Ashoka Fellow since Sep 1997

Walter Varanda is working with São Paulo's adult street population to ensure their basic survival and promote their long-term independence. He is engaging a wide array of individuals and institutions to encourage their active participation in crafting and implementing solutions to Brazil's... Read more

Oswaldo Setti de Almeida Filho

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2004

Oswaldo Setti de Almeida Filho, an engineer by training, is building communities in Brazil by strengthening community ties through shared space and overcoming concerns of adequate shelter. Read more

François Marty

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2008

François Marty is setting new standards and redefining what public housing should look like: Aesthetic, high quality, ecological houses. With municipalities, he is shifting the vision of public housing operators and demonstrating the economic viability of such houses. He is also creating and... Read more
As a pioneer in the field of urban housing reform, Maria das Gracas “Graca” Xavier is mobilizing historically excluded groups to take charge of their housing needs, and in turn, advance their legal and political interests. Read more

Mariana Estevao

Ashoka Fellow since Oct 2012

With the project Arquiteto de Família (Architect of Family), she seeks to promote technical assistance for project design and construction of housing improvements housing autoconstructed to promote healthy housing. The houses targeted by the action of Mariana are households with low standard of... Read more

Annys Darkwa

Ashoka Fellow since Dec 2012

United Kingdom
Annys Darkwa has identified that stable, quality housing is a key linchpin in the cycle of re-offending, and she is solving this public sector problem with a private sector solution. Read more

Fernando Assad

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2015

Fernando Assad is preventing major health risks and bringing dignity to those in Brazil who live in unsafe homes with his home improvement kit. In addition to the kit, his organization Vivenda creates incentives for volunteers, builders, the government, and companies from the housing construction... Read more

Yasar Adanali

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2016

Yaşar is the founder of Beyond İstanbul, centre for spatial justice, which reverses the currently negative eco-political, dynamics behind Turkey’s destructive urban development through knowledge production, awareness raising, and creating participatory models for different stakeholders. Convinced... Read more

Nicolás está fusionando los conceptos de energía, vivienda, y sostenibilidad en una serie de iniciativas creativas y contextualizadas encaminadas a mejorar las condiciones de las viviendas y la calidad de vida de las personas en los sectores más humildes de la sociedad en América Latina. Desde...

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