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Abdellah Aboulharjan

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2006


Abdellah Aboulharjan is on leave from the Ashoka Fellowship. For more information on his status, please contact [email protected].

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Jérôme Deconinck

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2008

In response to increasing agricultural industrialization throughout France, Jérôme Deconinck has created the first agricultural land trust to mobilize the French population to preserve their agricultural heritage, and to promote the development of a more unified small-scale organic farming culture.... Read more

Jean-Guy Henckel

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2008

Since the 1980s, Jean-Guy Henckel has worked to help the most excluded out of long-term unemployment. His innovative model trains them to produce high-value, organic agricultural products and organizes them into local “Cocagne Gardens,” organizations that market their packaged products to... Read more

Pierre Rabhi

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2009

Pierre Rabhi has used principles of agroecology to improve yields and living conditions across the French and West-African agricultural sectors. Through innovative training methods, he has helped over 150,000 farmers diagnose the best way to adapt and apply ecological practices to their land and... Read more

Danielle Desguées

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2009

Since the early 1980s Danielle Desguees has promoted a culture of entrepreneurship in France; an economy historically dominated by large firms and state enterprises. Through public outreach, programs in schools and universities, and advisory services provided through a nationwide network of... Read more

Emmanuel Kasperski

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2010

Faced with increasingly complex social and environmental challenges and the insufficient number of social entrepreneurs to address them, Emmanuel Kasperski is creating a supporting environment for everyone to become changemakers. Starting in a French region with some of the lowest levels of social... Read more

Arnaud Castagnède

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2010

Arnaud Castagnède is opening up a new track to efficiently rehabilitate disqualified and long-term unemployed persons. Arnaud is tipping the job rehabilitation sector by designing an integrated market-based process whose success lies in the combination of professional qualification and social... Read more
Every year, big companies spend billions of euros in procurement, but discriminate against local entrepreneurs who lack the right networks or the right reputation. Majid El Jarroudi is bridging this gap by setting all entrepreneurs on an equal footing through a unique platform that connects... Read more

Jean-Louis Kiehl

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2011

Jean-Louis Kiehl is pioneering a model to prevent excessive consumer debt and efficiently fight against social and financial exclusion. Through a wide range of social and legal support, trainings and innovative partnerships with banks and finance companies, Jean-Louis helps at-risk populations and... Read more

Yvonnick Huet

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2011

In the mid 1980s Yvonnick Huet pioneered a market-based model to solve poverty and food issues through the restructuring of viable local farming markets in developing countries. Unlike the field of development that has traditionally been charity-focused and culturally skeptical toward economy... Read more