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Gilda Maria Pompeia, 28, works in Sao Paulo, developing drug prevention courses for high school teachers. Read more

Mauricio Correa Leite

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 1990

Educator and theater director Mauricio Leite creates excitement about learning and the world of ideas even in remote regions of the Amazon. His Project Suitcase succeeds in isolated areas where expensive literacy campaigns have failed, largely because he gives teachers attractive means and simple... Read more

Goya Lamartine Da Costa E Silva

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 1998

Based on a profound sense of respect for rural laborers that grew out of his own early experience working side by side with them, Goya Lamartine has designed and implemented the first comprehensive paralegal training course for community advocates in northeast Brazil. Read more

Jérémy Lachal

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2015

Isolation and inactivity among marginalized communities – from refugee camps to underprivileged neighborhoods – can have dramatic consequences such as violence and physical and mental health problems in communities. In response, Jérémy is defining a new standard for libraries in the 21st Century,... Read more

Frédéric Bardeau

Ashoka Fellow since May 2015

Reconciling the sectors of technology and social economy in France, Frederic Bardeau is developing new mechanisms of social inclusion and full citizenship. Based on the enormous demand for people who have basic digital knowledge such as coding and information technology, he is opening unexplored... Read more

Clemens Mulokozi

Ashoka Fellow since May 2015

Clemens is leveraging the power of sports and Physical Education to transform the education system in Tanzania and by so doing empowering children to develop their own potential as changemakers in the society. Read more

Maria do Socorro Mendonça

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2015

Maria do Socorro created Instituto Nossa Ilhéus to cultivate citizenship in municipalities, addressing both population and politicians. On one hand, she connects citizens with their civic role, engaging them through radio, social media, theatre, and workshops. On the other, she monitors politicians... Read more

Lennon Flowers

Ashoka Fellow since May 2016

United States

Dr. Jan Wulf-Schnabel

Ashoka Fellow since Dec 2016

Through the Institute for Inclusive Education, Jan Wulf-Schnabel lays the foundation for the society-wide recognition, promotion and use of the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities (PWDs). He opens up the educational sector for PWDs as teachers and thereby, not only creates meaningful... Read more

David Wiley

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2017

United States
David is championing the concept of ‘open educational resources’ to reinvent how educational content is created, licensed, used, and improved—ultimately enabling college and university students to access to access radically improved class materials at dramatically reduced prices. Read more