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John Paul Maunes

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2014

John Paul Maunes is bringing to light the issue of sexual abuse among the Deaf community in the Philippines and using it to mobilize stakeholders across the law enforcement and social welfare spheres to institute new inclusive measures for the broader inclusion of the Deaf. Read more

Laurindo Garcia

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2015

Laurindo is creating replicable online communities that enable LGBT and HIV-positive youth to connect and collaborate with community organizations, service providers, government institutions – and one another – to accelerate the movement for gay rights and sexual health in Southeast Asia and beyond.... Read more

Daniela Ancira

Ashoka Fellow since May 2018

By working with the Mexican Government, Daniela is creating a new legislative framework that guarantees basic working and social standards to inmates in prison and incentivizes companies to formally employ convicts. Moreover, Daniela combines dignified, well-paid labor opportunities and a personal... Read more

Lam Nguyen Ho

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2018

United States
Lam Ho is changing the field of legal aid to make it more accessible and responsive to underserved communities and to strengthen its role as a vehicle for social justice. Read more

Swapna Reddy

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2019

United States
Swapna sees a future where the United States welcomes individuals who come to our borders fleeing violence. She believes in working alongside asylum seekers to make that vision a reality. Read more