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Planning consultant Raul Jungmann is tackling nothing less than the entire justice and security system in Brazil, working to reform its archaic institutions through popular participation. Read more

Sylvio José de Oliveira

Ashoka Fellow since Sep 1992

Sylvio Jose de Oliveira has created an independent, voluntary program in the Rio de Janeiro state prison system designed to prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases from spreading among and through the inmates. The focus of this program is to provide health and hygiene information, and... Read more
Building on his personal, educational, and professional experience with the Brazilian penitentiary system, Roberto da Silva is implementing a comprehensive system for community co-management of prisons that provides citizen institutions with the technical training and partnerships necessary to turn... Read more

Mirian Assumpcao e Lima

Ashoka Fellow since Oct 2002

Mírian Assumpção e Lima is teaching police officers and community members to work together to reduce violent crime and improve public safety in Brazilian cities. Read more

Karen Tse

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2004


Karen works to ensure that every man, every woman, every child in the world has effective defense council.

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Annys Darkwa

Ashoka Fellow since Dec 2012

United Kingdom
Annys Darkwa has identified that stable, quality housing is a key linchpin in the cycle of re-offending, and she is solving this public sector problem with a private sector solution. Read more

Andras Vamos-Goldman

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2015


Credible accountability for atrocities such as war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity requires criminal justice professionals, trained to work internationally, who can be on the spot rapidly to obtain and preserve evidence. Yet national and international institutions often cannot find...

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Luciana Delle Donne

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2016

Evidence shows that inmates who are able to work while in prison are less likely to re-offend. Many programs around the world give prisoners new skills for a life away from criminality upon their release. This has been very difficult in Italy because a law - initially designed to protect the... Read more

Gina Clayton

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2017

United States
Gina Clayton is building a loving and powerful community for the millions of women who have loved ones behind bars to end the harm of the American criminal justice system to women and families. Read more

Beena Chintalapuri

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2017

Dr. Beena is capacitating the Indian prison system to sustainably reduce recidivism and crime rates at a historical pace. Having institutionalized Unnati in all major prisons (over 11) of one state, Dr. Beena has brought down their recidivism rates from 80% to 1% and is now receiving formal... Read more