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Markus Gander

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2008



Markus is giving young people across Switzerland the chance to connect with each other through a platform that facilitates younger and older people's engagement,  to work together towards social change. He founded
Infoklick in 1998. Infoklick connects youth with their peers and serves...

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Jerónimo Calderón

Ashoka Fellow since May 2012


Jerónimo has created a youth-led movement that transforms social change into a desired lifestyle for Generation Y. Euforia developed highly engaging event-trainings that offer young people and executives unique learning opportunities. By branding citizen engagement as cool, trendy and attractive,...

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Raquel Rosenberg

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 2018

Raquel co-developed an innovative platform to connect and engage young people in public affairs. She wants to change the pattern in which youth learn about and participate in public affairs. Engajamundo is run by young people who want to work together in a non-hierarchical and respectful environment... Read more

Kara Bobroff

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2018

United States
Kara Bobroff is transforming education for Native American young people by building a school system that promotes academic excellence and holistic well-being through cultural and community connectedness, using a model that embraces and tailors itself to the diverse needs of diverse communities. Read more

Agazi Afewerki

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2018

Agazi Afewerki has a powerful belief that any young person can teach an adult a new skill and that youth are a core resource for community development and transformation. With this idea, Agazi Afewerki is re-defining the role of youth in society, starting with the most vulnerable urban populations. Read more