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Rodrigo Baggio spearheads a rapidly growing movement to equip young people in low-income communities with computer skills and thus to expand their job opportunities and their access to modern society. Read more

Rosana Grinberg

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2003

Rosana Grinberg has been developing an effective way to contact, inform, and empower excluded people in Recife, making them aware of their rights and explaining current government programs and services for consumer defense and promotion of civil rights. Read more

Valdênia Paulino

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2006

In the vast peripheries of Sao Paulo, the poor suffer human rights violations, such as police violence, every day. Valdênia Paulino defends their rights by providing them with education and access to legal mechanisms of protection. Courses on legal rights identify patterns of systematic abuse while... Read more

Abdellah Aboulharjan

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2006


Abdellah Aboulharjan is on leave from the Ashoka Fellowship. For more information on his status, please contact [email protected].

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Pablo Santiago Capilé Mendes

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2007

Pablo Capilé has created a model for a successful professional livelihood in music, art, and other cultural arenas based on collaboration and collective work as a viable alternative to the often-false hope of individual fame and fortune. Read more

Allaoui Guenni

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2008

Marginalization is one of the main factors contributing to the cycles of unemployment, violence, and social unrest in impoverished urban and suburban areas. Allaoui Guenni is using sports as a catalyst to bring down the walls surrounding local populations, build bridges to employment and social... Read more

Christiane Daepp

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2008


Christiane’s Office of Ideas helps children use their creativity and idealism to become active problem solvers in their communities. Through extracurricular activities in schools, kids independently work to develop solutions to the problems their peers, teachers, and neighbors face, and change...

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Jean-Claude Decalonne

Ashoka Fellow since Apr 2009

Jean-Claude Decalonne is providing struggling French pupils in at-risk neighborhoods with the tools they need to succeed academically and socially. By engaging parents, teachers and the broader community in supporting and developing young people’s potential, he is showing society the value of... Read more

Sergio Haddad

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2009


Reinaldo Pamponet

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2009

Reinaldo fosters the development of citizens as collaborators, entrepreneurs and knowledge producers. Through a methodology that creates new opportunities for cooperative learning, he is helping youth in Salvador and Sao Paulo create their own socially responsible enterprises, products and services... Read more