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Through the Institute for Inclusive Education, Jan Wulf-Schnabel lays the foundation for the society-wide recognition, promotion and use of the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities (PWDs). He opens up the educational sector for PWDs as teachers and thereby, not only creates meaningful... Read more


Aldana fundó Aiken con el fin de generar un cambio cultural, y brindar tanto a niños como a adultos herramientas para transitar la muerte de un ser querido, entender la muerte como parte de la vida, y como una situación que puede servir para generar una nueva realidad. Hoy, Aiken es la única...

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Diego Ruete

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2016

Diego promotes the connection between food, nutrition and play-based education through his organization Petit Gourmet. Diego enables children to be the protagonists of their learning process as well as the connection points between food, their family and their community. He created the term... Read more

Junho Lee

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2016

Junho is engineering information system for family with kids who have special needs by aggregating scattered health information. Read more

Matrika Devkota

Ashoka Fellow since May 2016

Matrika believes that the voice of the mentally ill is most powerful when voiced by them. Read more

Hélène Viruega

Ashoka Fellow since May 2016

To deeply change the way in which we design care processes for patients suffering from neurological disorders, Hélène is developing an integrative highly tailorable non-drug approach that directly involves the closest caregivers of the patient. She improves the quality of life of both the patients... Read more

Joost Van Engen

Ashoka Fellow since Mar 2016

By innovating a truly sustainable supply chain including the last-mile that is independent of national healthcare systems, Joost van Engen is creating sustainable access to essential medicines, hygiene products and supplements for low income families in remote areas, while at the same time providing... Read more

Inge Missmahl

Ashoka Fellow since Nov 2015

In a world where psychosocial stresses are a leading cause for disease globally, Inge Missmahl introduces a scalable system to sufficiently care for, empower and re-mobilize people who suffer. Through enabling new human resources, she facilitates greater individual well-being and accountability, as... Read more

Christoph Schmitz

Ashoka Fellow since Nov 2015

By intelligently combining agriculture and education, Christoph Schmitz has re-invented the way in which to restore our knowledge and understanding of environmental processes and thus sets the foundation for a whole new generation of people to think and act more sustainably. Read more

Luciana Holtz

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2015

Through her organization Instituto Oncoguia, Luciana empowers cancer patients with information and personalized support, enabling them to take an active role in their treatment and recovery, while at the same leading changes in how society and health institutions view and treat the disease in Brazil... Read more