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Achraf Aouadi

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2019


Achraf is preserving the victories of the Tunisian revolution by battling micro- and macro-corruption on myriad fronts, and organizing young people around transparency, good governance, and anti-corruption to create a national and regional dynamic against corruption with a powerful citizen sector at...

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Lam Nguyen Ho

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2018

United States

Lam Ho is changing the field of legal aid to make it more accessible and responsive to underserved communities and to strengthen its role as a vehicle for social justice.

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Saurav Kumar Ghosh

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2016


Saurav is bridging the critical human and financial resources gap needed to unlock the economic potential of Panchayat, ensure maximum fund utilization and last mile service level delivery to the villages across India. By engaging Panchayat and making them SwaNigamit (Self Corporatised), his...

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Karen Tse

Ashoka Fellow since Feb 2004


Karen works to ensure that every man, every woman, every child in the world has effective defense council.

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