Ashoka's Diversity,

    Equity, and Inclusion


DEI Logo – Tree in blue at the top, words Ashoka in small blue lettering below, and big words Diversity in blue, Equity in black, and inclusion in grey. Color pallete down below

Ashoka envisions a world free of systemic oppression in which each individual has access to resources, voice, power, and safety.

Such a world will only emerge if the structural, institutional, and historical barriers that have led to the marginalization of women, Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color, religious minorities, people with disabilities, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and working-class people, are addressed. 


We, at Ashoka, are committed to making these barriers visible and gradually shifting the way that society and institutions have traditionally organized – placing some groups above others – to allow for the equitable and fair treatment of all people at Ashoka and beyond. 


These are collective efforts and go far beyond the work of the DEI team.

The contribution of each and every one of us is essential to translate our vision into reality. In this journey towards a fully diverse, inclusive, and equitable world, we acknowledge that change starts with us, we recognize that we are all learners and that we have the responsibility to ensure that we embody our own values. 



For more information about Ashoka's DEI efforts, please contact us at [email protected]