What Are Changemaking Skills?  

Based on Ashoka’s "Everyone a Changemaker” principle, empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and creativity are considered changemaking skills.  

Ashoka names these competencies that come up as “social and emotional learning” in psychology, “21st century skills” or “life skills” in different educational resources.  

For Ashoka, acquiring these changemaking skills means that they can be used in contributing to system change.  

Changemaking Classrooms

In educational systems, we support preschool and primary school teachers with innovative and empowering applications in their efforts to teach children changemaking skills and apply it to their lives.  

The project involves increasing the access, visualization and dissemination of changemaking skills for classroom application in addition to providing resources that can be widely used by and empowering for teachers and their students.  

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Changemaking Parenting

As the conditions of the world change constantly, we encourage children and teenagers through our work to become individuals who care about societal problems of today and the future, come up with innovative solutions and work towards positive change in their communities. 

As Ashoka we believe that everyone can be a changemaker if they are supported in the right ways.  Acquiring changemaking skills — usually referred to as 21st century skills or “life skills” — means using them to start promoting change and taking part in system change. Many parents tend to focus on academic success and see these skills as unimportant as they grow up. But contrary to most parents' belief, the development of changemaking skills actually benefit children's academic performance too.  

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