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It is clear we live in a world that drastically demands new solutions to pressing challenges and for changemakers who can find new ways to creatively adapt to the modern era. In today’s change-driven environment, nobody holds the complete solution. Everybody is a changemaker.  Therefore, it is essential for today’s youth to be equipped with the necessary tools to address challenges shared across the globe—from eliminating poverty to providing clean air and water to all.

The Changemaker Forum is a dynamic virtual environment that brings a community together to engage in inspiring conversations around the development and practice of key skills for success in a changemaker world.

Through a combination of crash courses, inspiring panels, and workshops, The Changemaker Forum will prepare today’s youth and allies for the challenges of tomorrow by providing them with opportunities to access collective intelligence, lead with humanity, and engage in rigorous, creative problem solving. Regardless of one’s skills, talents, and aspirations, these changemaking skills are fundamentally important for everyone to develop and master.



We are offereing group tickets (10+) at discounted rates for your organisation. Please write to [email protected]

*Limited Tickets available


The Changemaking Skills

Changemaking is the superpower of the 21st century. We need it to improve prosperity, we need it to solve complex social problems, and we need it to be resilient in the wake of a pandemic – or whatever unexpected, tangled problem comes next. 

In these challenging times, we need to develop truly resilient societies while focusing on the qualities of individuals. We need empathy to recognize and understand the problems that others are facing. We need agency and the ability to self-organise to reorient our activities in this time of crisis and to help people in need.

We need the Changemaking Framework to operate in this ambiguous and ever changing world.


Conscious Empathy

The ability to be aware of and understand our own and others' feelings and perspectives, using that understanding to guide one's actions for the good of all.

Collective Teamwork

Collective Teamwork

The ability to contribute to and thrive in a fluid ecosystem of teams that mobilises around a problem or opportunity.

New Leadership

New Leadership

To succesfully lead in a complex environment, the core role of a leader shifts to nurturing an environment for changemakers to emerge and share leadership.

Creative Problem Solving

Practising Changemaking

The process of creating a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, than existing solutions. For which the value create accrues primarily to society as a whole.

Your Journey

The Changemaker Forum will take you on a collaborative virtual journey, working towards an established community of Changemaking, populated by a readily equipped cohort of Changemakers. This collective journey comprises the following spaces:

Crash Courses Image

Crash Courses

The crash courses are short virtual lectures that give a download of knowledge on; what the respective Changemaker skill is, different possible frameworks, and information on what the skill entails. 

Mini Panel Image

Real-Life Stories (Mini Panels)

In the Real-Life story panels, role models of our changemaking skills will showcase real life application and display how best to use them towards the advancement of SDG’s or personal social impact goals.

Experience Workshop Image

Experience Workshops

In these workshops speakers will provide participants with exercises that emulate the use of Changemaking skills, so they can begin to experience them for themselves. 

Community Action Image

Community Action

The Community Action session will task participants with utilising the skills and knowledge they have gained and direct them towards their individual changemaking journeys.

Forum Speakers

Forum Partners


How do I register for the Forum?

You can purchase your tickets and register for the Forum HERE.

We encourage particpants to purchase group tickets as they will be discounted in large groups.

If you have any questions, please write to [email protected].


Where is the forum happening? How will you get access?

The Forum's experience is virtual. It will happen on the Zoom platform. Closer to the forum date, you will receive the links to access the crash courses, panel discussions and experience workshops.

Can I register for the forum as a group?

Yes, you can register for the Forum as a group, tickets for groups with 10+ people will be discounted. Email [email protected] to know more.


I registered, but am not able to turn up - will I get a refund?

We won't be able to refund the ticket, but you can pass it forward. To make this happen, please send an email to [email protected].



Is there a maximum limit to the number of participants from a school?

No. However we do have a cap of 250 people for the number of attendees to the Forum.

I am a student, am I eligible for a discount? How do I apply for a discount?

For student discounts, please write to [email protected].

Who is the target audience of the Forum?

This Forum is desinged for Young people (12-24), Parents, and Educators (or anyone working with young people).

What should you do/prepare before the Forum?

After you have registered, make sure to block the dates on your calendar. You will receive emails that will help in preparing for the forum as this is a personalised virtual experience. Here are a few next steps:

  • Join the telegram chat link and facebook link to stay up to date with info and changes.
  • You will receive a booklet with the experience workshop registration links
  • Closer to the date you will receive a password protected link for a website with all links to experience sessions.
  • A toolkit will be provided to help you with your journey after the Forum

What is the journey for a person taking part in the Changemaker Forum?

The Changemaker Forum is a personalised online experience for changemaking. Your journey comprises of three steps:

A. SEE - Here you will learn and hear from other people. There are three sessions dedicated for this, which includes the opening keynote, crash courses, and real life story panel discussions.

B. EXPERIENCE - Here you will engage and participate in two expereince workshops that will help realise your potential as a changemaker and what can be different.

C. ACT - This is the journey post forum where you will implement these skills in your community, where you find ways to solve problems and be a changemaker.

We are building a community for changemaking and Ashoka and Lien Center are here to support your journey to create social impact.


What do you get from participating in the Changemaker Forum?

This is a forum which is your first step towards practising changemaking or sharpening your skills, at the end of whihc participants should build their own motivation to be a changemaker. As Mahatma Gandhi said - Change starts with you.

Participants receive e-Certificates if they attend two workshop expereinces. We will also build a community out of the Forum participants to support your journey.

After the Forum, you will get access to an assesment called the 'Changemaker Index' to baseline your changemaking skills.

Your engagement will continue after the Forum and we will be in touch.


How do I choose an Experience session? When can I register for an Experience Session?

You can view the detailed agenda to see the experience session facilitators and their background.

You will receive a booklet with the different experience sessions, you will need to register for your experience sessions before attedning the Forum (you will need to register for 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon).

Who are the forum speakers?

Will I become a changemaker after the forum

Our vision is for everyone to be a changemaker. We hope we have more changemakers solving problems affecting us. The forum is a starting point and we intend to build a community of changemakers in Singapore. You will become a changemaker once you practise these skills and take action. In that journey, you will realise your potential to create change.


More Information

If you have any questions about the Forum, or are interested in partnering or joining, contact: [email protected] 

If you have any queries about pricing or ticketing, contact: [email protected]