True North Efterskole

Location: Snaptun, Denmark

School Type: Private, Multi-level “Efterskole” (9-10th grade)

Age group: 14-16

Number of students: 140

Year Elected: 2016

True North Efterskole (9-10th grade) is a Danish “Efterskole” in Snaptun that works with strength-based learning to promote personal leadership and life skills. Founded in 2012, True North Efterskole works as a model for the 21st century school where new, researched ideas can be tested out in a safe environment. The school gets a lot of influence from positive psychology and uses creativity and an alternative curriculum with focus on academic, social and personal skills to improve the students’ performance. True North Efterskole (TNE) believes that these three areas are equally essential in order to navigate and thrive in the 21st century, in life and at future workplaces. TNE is an international model of excellence in education that empowers the entire learning community of students, teachers, leaders and parents to maximize individual potential by enhancing their life capabilities through academic growth, personal strengths, and social competence to navigate a meaningful life.

True North's vision is to inspire and develop the next generation of young people. The goal is to lift the individual young person to develop his or her own potential and contribute positively to society throughout their lives

Examples of changemaking initiatives:

  • At True North Efterskole the students are taught the subject Unlocking Potential (UP), created and developed by the school itself. During these sessions students are educated 11 themes based on leadership, social entrepreneurship and competencies for personal development. Students are divided into smaller coaching “navigations” groups of 8-10 set to explore and develop each person’s unique potential with meetings every week.
  • TNE uses a range of research based learning styles. For example the teachers often applies “Cooperative Learning” techniques, where the students get the chance to lead the class. The teachers help the students to set the framework and the students then lead the class through a peer-to-peer exercise.
  • TNE uses the student assessment tool “Ruben” with individual goal setting around academic and personal development (for example social skills).