Do Well, Look Good: Ashoka’s New Fundraising Tool for Youth Ventures is Magnetic

Ashoka has a brand new fundraising tool for socially focused enterprises started by young people, thanks to the efforts of Youth Venture and MTV Tr3s.

It’s called Tr3s BLING, the latest creative piece of jewelry imagined by designer Luis Pons. It’s a nickel-plated necklace—or a bracelet, depending on your taste—featuring two U-shaped magnets that connect to read “I am a Changemaker” and “Yo soy un Agente de Cambio.”

Where does social change fit in?

Youth Venturers can set their own price for the bling, which usually retails for $19.95, and keep the profits. Each team can also personalize the insert to reflect their Venture’s unique story.

Get your bling today and support young social entrepreneurs like Vineet Singal, who is providing health education programs to clinics to help disadvantaged patients live healthier lifestyles, or Vivek Nair, who has developed a technology that converts carbon emissions into usable energy to combat climate change.

Tr3s BLING is a limited, numbered collection and won’t last long. Oh, and every purchase before November 15th increases your chances of winning tickets to an exclusive MTV Unplugged show in early 2012.

Contact Youth Venture for more details.