The Dialogues

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The Dialogues

The MMH dialogues are not presentations, instead they are virtual, mindfully-facilitated conversations which aim to convene a diverse community of global health actors who can leverage the success of the Making More Health initiative, through new collaborations and collective impact approaches. 



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Sept 4 2019 Introduction to MMH Dialogues - Option 1 An overview of Making More Health with global MMH lead Manuela Pastore. Participants will explore and understand the global phenomenon called Making More Health, through a detailed Q&A session.   here
TBD Introduction to MMH Dialogues - Option 2 Second hosting of the Introductory  discussion for those unable to attend Sept 4th  Date to be confirmed
Oct 17 2019 More Health  and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Social and Business partnerships (Goal 17)
  • Good health and well-being (Goal 3)
  • Sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11) (through a health lens)
What role do responsible corporations play in helping achieve the SDG’s? How does ecosystem building fit in with this larger role? Which goals are collective impact initiatives most aligned with? How can a diverse community of changemakers align more closely with the SDG's and build together?
Nov 7 2019 Comparing and Contrasting Ecosystem Approaches

Exploring eco-systems at the meta vs. grassroots level and using the budding BI/Ashoka ecosystems in Coimbatore India, and Nairobi Kenya as case studies.  This discussion will explore the MMH start-up innovation models of Nairobi contrasted with the grassroots capacity models of Coimbatore.  The dialogue will look at common challenges and opportunities identified in both approaches and uncover new roles for different players. Additional focus will be placed on roles for business  and market-based investment .


TBA The Ecosystem Building Blocks How does policy, impact investement and co-creation to build an ecosystem?  Exploring and unpacking the building blocks to a collective impact approch to more health. here