2016 Globalizer: Youth Empowerment

Fossil Foundation invests in social entrepreneurs whose innovations unleash the potential of underserved young people. They seek to fuel the fires of the world’s most creative problem solvers and support them as they reinvent the very systems that created today’s most pressing problems.  

Both Fossil Foundation and Ashoka believe that every young person can develop the skills needed to thrive and lead in the 21st century.

They have partnered to launch The Globalizer on Youth Empowerment - a 7-month accelerator program which will focus on helping 13 leading social entrepreneurs scale innovations that empower underserved youth to learn, grow and reach their potential.
This includes Dr. Yuhyun Park, founder of Infollution Zero and Ashoka South Korea and Singapore Fellow elected in 2013 and Misan Riwane, founder of WAVE Academy.

These social entrepreneurs are a new generation of leaders that are taking impact to the next level, where ultimate scale is reached through systemic change.

The Globalizer provides them with the structure and strategic resources they need to develop a broad and efficient scale. Each social entrepreneur is matched with global business leaders and consultants who help them develop their impact strategy during a 3-month advisory period. This process culminates with the Globalizer Summit in Singapore in November.

At the Summit, the social entrepreneurs work with business executives and entrepreneurs, who offer new perspective and strategic support to further refine their scaling strategies, work out critical challenges and have key doors opened.

As part of the Summit, Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Lien Centre for Social Innovation in partnership with Ashoka Singapore hosted the “Social iCon 2016: ChangeGeneration”, a social entrepreneurship and youth empowerment conference. Together with innovators, educators, parents, business leaders and students from Singapore and the region; we will share, discuss and explore how to create a seismic shift in thought and action to ensure we are preparing the next generation for constant change, complex problem-solving, creativity, moral imagination and empathy.

"It is time to stop treating young people as empty vessels into which we pour our wisdom and instead we must treat young people as the most promising resource available to us in developing a new societal structure and meeting the high service needs of our communities." Ali Raza Khan

List of all participating fellows: