Resilience has been for sometime a buzz word and a focus in a reality where development and growth is clearly not sustainable. Now, with the current pandemic and the crises following, there is as much uncertainty as there is a clear horizon that things will not/can’t be the same. Resilience is no longer just bouncing back from a bad situation, is also how you handle the situation while it develops, how you respond, plan and transform motivated to strive beyond it.

Communities, more than ever, have to figure out ways to be self sustainable in responding quickly to change if they are to survive. Innovation comes from the unexpected dialogues, interactions and collaborations. They have to get comfortable with not knowing,to continue to move down the path of becoming learning organizations that are capable of embracing issues that don’t initially make sense, and to develop the capability to act upon new learnings in the changed environment.We all need to listen and adapt, reflect and recreate, continue to ask (new) questions and look for answers where we haven’t looked before.

The well known industries and activity areas need to merge in new ways and new breaking points of actions are needed. This is no easy task and maybe it will never become absolute, but we need to prototype new ways of approaching this collaborative build-up. We will start with the classical industries and the traditional communities both around AMBASADA, at a local and international level,but also around ASHOKA Romania, at a national and global level.

Ashoka’s Network Mapping is a process that uses the snowball mapping analysis to identify key innovators, influencers and decision makers in a given sector and to visualize patterns and trends, and the potential for subsequent network connections.

Together with an alliance of partners from across Europe, Ashoka is helping alleviate both the immediate disruption COVID19 brings to communities across Europe, as well as play a vital role in addressing the longer-term consequences of the crisis on our societies and economies.

Through Changemakers United, we are sourcing, disseminating, supporting, connecting and scaling solutions of innovative social entrepreneurs to the challenges COVID19 presents to the world. We do so by leveraging Ashoka’s well-established network of social innovators as well as the partners networks, work force and communities they area part of. The Changemakers United Global Online Summit is the most visible milestone of the initiative, where we will present 20 social innovators invited into the program and their systemic solutions to the pandemic and its consequences.


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All of the above would happen through meetings and co-creation gatherings. Once the blocks get defined, there will be a series of meetings for matching communities,experts and resources to the resilience action blocks in order to start prototype projects.

In numbers:

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