Innovating to Create Health for All

Who can best create outcomes that lead to the healthiest possible lives of individuals and communities?

To answer this question and support achieving these outcomes, leading social entrepreneurs are challenging the traditional patient-provider dynamics from an empathetic and holistic perspective. Addressing health sector challenges with a human-centered perspective, Ashoka Fellows form increasingly intimate insights. They know that the way forward is not only focusing on the inherent complexities, but in utilizing their strengths.

The preeminent strength? The individual. So Fellows shift the power to each of them. Co-designing, co-creating and co-owning health services takes everyone’s power into consideration and leads to an increasingly effective and scalable system of health.

Below is a collection of stories and profiles of Ashoka Fellows who are at the heart of these efforts. From mental to maternal health and from prevention through rehabilitation, they are turning the traditional patient-provider model upside-down; smashing inefficient or nonexistent systems; putting people and communities in charge of their own healthcare, leading to better outcomes and increased productivity; and providing roles for everyone to be a changemaker in their own lives and in their communities. The resulting, more equitable and representative models are creating an ecosystem that ignites the power of one to bring health to all.  

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Ashoka Fellow Martin Aufmuth's One Dollar Glasses

Globally, $120B/year is lost due to vision impairment. For less than $1/person, Martin Aufmuth is correcting this statistic with accessible, affordable glasses for all.
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Abla Al Alfy & Her Mother-Centric Approach to Infant Development

Reaching more than 600,000 Egyptian women and mothers, Dr. Abla Al Alfy’s work continues to scale.
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Sylvia Banda: Growing Local Food Systems & Training Female Farmers

Ashoka Fellow Sylvia Banda created a network of training programs across the region and a mechanism to spread Zambian food around the world.
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Accelerating Health Access

Ashoka Fellow Hilmi Quraishi

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Fellow Security and Wellbeing:

Bina Nepram: Her Continued Path Through Exile

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Maternal Health Solutions - Prasanta Kishore Tripathy

The first 28 days of a newborn’s life are critical. Globally, 45% of deaths of under-five year olds happen during this period. Prasanta Tripathy is addressing this issue.
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