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The stories in the collection below will remind you how magical the Ashoka Fellows are, and demonstrate the impacts of Ashoka’s changing the framework of how society sees the world. Three of the stories are from the Muslim world, and a fourth tells the story of an American who has turned truckers into fierce allies in the fight against human trafficking. We hope that the stories in this collection inspire you to support the important work of Ashoka and its fellows.

Ashoka needs your help to meet its summer fundraising goal. Help us see and seize the historic turning point before us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Dear Friends of Ashoka

Dear Friends of Ashoka, Ashoka was chosen the “Sixth best NGO in the world” (out of millions). That’s up from 19th best last year. There is more and more -- and powerful! -- evidence of Ashoka’s accelerating impact. Here’s another example: After decades of focused, persistent Ashoka pushing...
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Muslim Leadership Stories

Roughly 23 percent of the world’s population, 1.6 billion people, is Muslim. Extending from Indonesia to the U.S. East Coast, they belong to the world’s fastest growing religion. The future of this community is being determined now, quietly but deeply, by its top social entrepreneurs. The 23 percent...
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