A.K.M. Maksud

Bangladesh has a large population of nomadic communities living along rivers, though these people remain unrecognized by the government and are unable to access basic services like education, health...

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Aaron Pereira

Vartana, Community Bank Initiative

Aaron Pereira is creating Canada’s first bank directly servicing citizen sector organizations (CSOs). His Community Bank Initiative will harness and redirect CSO strengths and assets, while investing...

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Gabriel Coddou

In indigenous communities in southern Chile, Gabriel Coddou is organizing children's choral groups that present songs in their native language's in festivals and concerts throughout the country. In...

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Ashraf Patel


Ashraf Patel has created a multifaceted curriculum for schools and colleges that sensitizes Indian urban youth to widespread social issues. In doing so, she provides them with the intellectual...

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Hugo Menino Aguiar

With SPEAK, Hugo fosters the organic emergence of local communities where migrants, refugees and locals meet and develop meaningful relationships as equals in a safe sharing space that values...

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