COVID-19’s Impact on Migration, Asylum, and Integration

New perspectives and solutions to respond to refugees and migrants’ needs in these unprecedented times
Hello Europe
Source: Ashoka

Migrants and refugees among the groups disproportionately affected by this virus. In the wake of the pandemic, we brought together solutions and perspectives from our community of Hellopreneurs, 100 individual social innovations across Europe with proven solutions to challenges surrounding migration, integration, and refugee movements. 

With this series, we aim to facilitate a conversation where social innovation meets policy with a view to jointly design solutions that address these challenges. We believe each of us has a role to play in improving migration policy and practice and hope you will join us in this conversation.

Each piece in this article series addresses the pandemic from a different angle and puts forward a number of practical and implementable policy recommendations. Beginning with the most pressing needs refugees face, such as shelter and protection, the Hellopreneurs delve into ways to build communities of support that allow this population to not only become part of society, but improve it, and provide thought-provoking ideas on how to revisit the current migration system to make it more effective and just.